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Mindfulness & Wellness Editable Instagram Template | Blue & Turquoise design

Mindfulness & Wellness Editable Instagram Template | Blue & Turquoise design


45 Aesthetic Blue and Turquoise Customisable Canva Templates for IG Engagement


Mindfulness and Wellness Instagram Stories Templates and Reel Covers, designed to bring tranquility and balance to your social media presence. These serene templates feature soothing colors and calming elements, perfectly suited to promote mental and emotional well-being.


Stand out and make a statement with our professionally designed Instagram story templates. The blend of Aesthetic Blue & Turquoise hues exudes elegance and sophistication, instantly grabbing the attention of your viewers. This level of visual appeal ensures your stories remain memorable and shareable, amplifying your brand's presence on the platform.

The first page of the template has all the fonts and colours used in the document (just edit the first page and click "Change all" for every colour or font you wish to edit) VOILA! You have a custom deck of creative stories ready.


1. Wellness & Mindfulness Coach
2. Online stores with products
3. Social Media Managers
4. Wellness influencers
5. Meditation practitioners
6. Home grown brands
7.  Self- Care Bloggers
8. Small Business owners
9. Crystals and Spirituality businesses
10. Therapist & Counsellors


1. 10+ designs for personal branding and brand awareness stories/reel cover page.
2. 10+ layouts for announcements Stories/reel cover for the social media platform - Instagram
3. 10+ Engagement layouts with cue for Instagram sticker placement to boost engagement. 
4. All place holder images may or may not have a Canva watermark but the images can be replaced easily by placing a free image/your brand imagery instead of the image in the template.


- You can add your logo.
- You can add images.
- Edit text, Fonts.
- Background colour.


1. Purchase the product
2. You will receive an email from Etsy with a link to your download. Alternatively, you can download from "Purchases & Reviews"
3. Download PDF and follow the link to your posts
4. Edit Photos, Fonts, Colours, Text
5. Download and use on your social media

  • Terms & Conditions

    1. This document belongs to The Design Chronicle.
    2. This Template cannot be shared or resold under any circumstances.
    3. This is a **digital product** with instant download. No physical product will be shipped.
    4. These templates may only be used as an online marketing business asset. 
    5. You agree at the time of purchase not to redistribute, share or resell any of The Design Chronicle digital templates anywhere unless properly licensed.
    6. We reserve the right to change our refund policy at any time. 
    7. Refunds **are not applicable** to digital products under any circumstances.

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