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It's never too late to launch your Brand!

Social Media Strategy to keep your brand on track.

Brand LaunchPad

Launching a brand or product on social media necessitates infusing creativity into every aspect of your marketing efforts to captivate your audience, drive engagement, and inspire meaningful connections. Our Brand LaunchPad will give your brand a creative spin and curate a social identity with The Brand BluePrint system.

What's happens during your Brand LaunchPad?

30 days of crafting your intentional social media strategy and campaigns for both online and offline channels!

1. Brand Socials Guide: A complete round of your brands social positioning including content pillars, audience analysis, recommended platforms and much more!


2. 12 posts grid: 8 graphic posts + 4 videos shared as re-usable templates.


3. Ads strategy & Graphics: 3 level ads strategy to optimise your funds and ensure conversions! 3 static ads and 2 video ads 

4. Continue to work with us for monthly social media management or opt for our 30 days chat support <3

Who can benefit from Brand LaunchPad?
Entrepreneurs looking to out source their social media
Brands that need a clearly defined social identity
Brands that are going to start running ads for their products
New Businesses that don't have a social media team yet





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