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60+ Content templates for yoga studios

60+ Content templates for yoga studios


Yoga studio Instagram post for yoga instructor Instagram post templates with reel covers for yoga mindfulness instagram reel covers


Welcome to a world of serene content creation! Level up your Instagram game with our Yoga Studio Deck, featuring 45 enchanting Earthy Tone Instagram post templates and 15 soothing Reel cover designs. 🌿


🧘‍♀️ Picture Perfect Peace: Love the tranquil vibes as you effortlessly share your yoga journey. Our templates capture the essence of calm, creating a cohesive and stunning Instagram feed that resonates with your audience.


Capture attention and create connections through eye-catching designs. As you share your yoga insights and journey, our templates enhance engagement, building a loyal community. And say goodbye to creative blocks! Our Yoga Studio Deck simplifies your content process, letting you focus on your passion – yoga. Inspire, educate, and share, knowing you have the perfect templates at hand.


Customize each template to match your unique brand. It's like having a personal designer, ensuring your Instagram tells the story of your yoga journey, one post at a time.




1.Yoga Instructors
2.Wellness Bloggers
3.Studio Owners
4.Aspiring Yogis
5.Holistic Practitioners
6.Mindfulness Advocates
7.Health and Fitness Influencers
8.Self-Care Enthusiasts



1. 10 + image design posts
2. 15 educational posts about asanas
3. 10 posts about yoga and holistic living
4. 10 posts about the studio - marketing
5. 15 reel cover templates




- You can add your logo.
- You can add images.
- Edit text, Fonts.
- Background colour.




1. Purchase the product
2. You will receive an email from Etsy with a link to your download. Alternatively, you can download it from "Purchases & Reviews"
3. Download PDF and follow the link to your posts
4. Edit Photos, Fonts, Colours, Text
5. Download and use on your social media

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