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15 Reel cover templates Fitness Trainer Instagram Reel Cover Design template

15 Reel cover templates Fitness Trainer Instagram Reel Cover Design template


Make your fitness reels stand out with our stunning Reel Cover Page Deck! Crafted for coaches, fitness trainers, and health lifestyle enthusiasts, this deck features 15 eye-catching reel cover pages, skillfully designed in vibrant red and black colors.


Each cover page is a work of art, capturing attention and sparking curiosity. Perfectly suited for various fitness niches, workout routines, nutrition tips, and more, these reels will become the cornerstone of your social media strategy.


Seamlessly incorporate your branding elements, logo, and color scheme to create a powerful visual identity that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're an online fitness entrepreneur, a yoga instructor, or a lifestyle blogger, our Reel Cover Page Deck will help you stand out in the crowded fitness landscape.


The process is simple - purchase the Reel Cover Page Deck, receive an instant download link from Etsy, access the PDF, and customize the cover pages with your branding and content. Start sharing captivating reels on your social media platforms and witness the surge in engagement and followers.



1.Personal Trainers
2.Fitness Coaches
3.Health and Wellness Influencers
5.Gym Instructors
6.Online Fitness Entrepreneurs
7.Lifestyle Bloggers
8.CrossFit Coaches 



• 15 reel cover images that will make your content journey SMOOTH and FUN. 




- You can add your logo.
- You can add images.
- Edit text, Fonts.
- Background colour.




1. Purchase the product
2. You will receive an email from Etsy with a link to your download. Alternatively, you can download it from "Purchases & Reviews"
3. Download PDF and follow the link to your posts
4. Edit Photos, Fonts, Colours, Text
5. Download and use on your social media

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