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all in 24 hours!

Read about  The Brand BluePrint

A 60-min workshop that cracks the communication strategy of your business for maximum engagement! In this workshop we will identify content hooks that your audience can't stop coming back to!

Design Sprint

9 posts grid in 24 hours

Clarify your brand messaging and get content templates for your socials to ensure consistent posting. 9 unique ideas that are a result of strategic study of your target audience. All with in 24 hours!


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Instagram / LinkedIN / Pinterest / Facebook

What to EXPECT??

Content curation is a powerful tool that empowers entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience in meaningful ways. By understanding the pitfalls of copying competitors, embracing the art of content curation, and leveraging services like the Design Sprint Workshop, you can unlock the full potential of your brand's online presence. So, take action today, and let the power of content curation elevate your business to new heights of success.

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Design Sprint

A business makeover in 24 hrs!

A complete make over for your brand's social presence with the help of The Brand Blueprint system.

  • Discovery Call - understanding your business

  • The Brand BluePrint Workshop - 60 min

  • 6 posts + 3 video templates 

  • The Ultimate Content Guide for your business

  • 14 days Chat support

Price: $199

Hi I'm Rishika,

Hello entrepreneurs, founders, designers and storytellers; Welcome to TDC,

After working with 17+ brands across various industries as a product designer, social media manager, creative director, content curator, copy writer and live shopping expert. My diverse background has allowed me to develop an in-house strategy system making the marketing process more efficient and effective than ever before!


At The Design Chronicle, we understand that time is money, which is why our services are designed to save you time and optimise your content curation process with The Brand BluePrint (our in-house proprietary process).

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Creativity Unleashed

SOK stories.png
Stories of Kitchen

A go-to-market strategy for a new cloud kitchen, Stories of Kitchen that offers authentic recipes from North Indian cuisine with traditional preparation techniques.

sonica grid.png

9 posts grid for an AVSI brand - Content that connects!

The Woman's Company

9 posts Ads creatives for TWC with 27k followers on Instagram.
Because women's wellness matters; Our planet matters!

TWC ads.png
delistic stories.png
Delistic - Gourmet Patisserie

Content that engages for a patisserie with 8k followers on Instagram

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