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Design Sprint

A business makeover in 24 hrs!

What to expect?

A complete make over for your brand's social presence with the help of The Brand Blueprint system.

  • Discovery Call - understanding your business

  • The Brand BluePrint Workshop - 60 min

  • 6 posts + 3 video templates 

  • The Ultimate Content Guide for your business

  • 14 days Chat support



(Indian clients can contact for pricing)

Content curation is a powerful tool that empowers entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience in meaningful ways. By understanding the pitfalls of copying competitors, embracing the art of content curation, and leveraging services like the Design Sprint Workshop, you can unlock the full potential of your brand's online presence. So, take action today, and let the power of content curation elevate your business to new heights of success.

24 hours - Design Sprint

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Who is this for?


- Entrepreneurs/Social Media managers 

- Content curators feeling burnt out.

- Business owners who wish to connect with their audience 

- New Businesses curating ads

- Design teams who need strategy for their social presence

Your journey begins with the first discovery call. Where we discuss everything about your brand, how the design sprint can benefit your business growth and ensure we're all set for the sprint. We will conclude the session with the fun part - scheduling your 24-hours makeover!

The Design sprint begins on the scheduled day with The Brand BluePrint (a 60 min workshop designed to reveal the true identity of your business and gain a deep understanding of your target audience) and select which platform you would like to use the Design Sprint for i.e. Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest. After this, you can sit back and relax while we do all the ground work for you!

We infer from the analysis, use your brand language and curate creative content for your business. In the next 6-8 hours our team will design and complete all the deliverables and schedule a feedback call where we make note of any changes or updates you would require and set-up your support channel where we'll share all the deliverables with you so that you can get started with execution! 

All the work done for you...

So that you can focus on execution and growth!

9 Posts grid - Template
The Brand BluePrint 
Deck of customised lifestyle images 
The Ultimate Content Guide
14 Days of Chat Support

We start with a profile audit and optimisation. 60 minute workshop - The Brand BluePrint system; to crack your winning social strategy & curate 6 graphics and 3 videos curated for your brand and shared with you as Canva templates. So that you can continue creating the best content for you business.

Visual representation is the most important part of any content curation process. We will find relevant brand imagery that is free and available for commercial use and share a customised deck of 20 images relevant to your business to facilitate your process.

This is all you need to maintain an authentic and creative flow for your content curation process! This guide includes your everything we uncover in the Brand Blueprint workshop and content ideas to keep your creation process always on brand!

We don't want to leave you high and dry after your intensive brand make-over. Our team will be available to answer all your queries and help you with the execution process over chat support on slack and whatsapp!





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